How to Make Your Own Cat Toys with Household Items

How to Make Your Own Cat Toys with Household Items

Cats are playful creatures that need mental and physical stimulation. Providing them with toys is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged. However, buying cat toys can be expensive and they may not always appeal to your feline friend. The good news is that you can easily make your own cat toys using common household items. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also allows you to customize toys according to your cat's preferences. In this article, we'll explore some simple DIY cat toy ideas using items you probably already have at home.

1. Empty Cardboard Boxes

It's no secret that cats love boxes. They enjoy hiding, pouncing, and scratching on them. Don't throw away those empty cardboard boxes; instead, turn them into a fun play area for your kitty. You can cut holes in the boxes to create tunnels or attach smaller boxes to make a multi-level playhouse. Add some crumpled paper or a soft blanket inside for extra comfort.

2. Toilet Paper Rolls

Don't underestimate the power of a simple toilet paper roll. Cats love to bat things around and pounce on them. Flatten the toilet paper roll and fold the ends to create a small tube. You can also stuff it with treats or catnip to make it more enticing. Your cat will have a great time chasing and playing with this homemade toy.

3. Yarn or String

Cats are naturally drawn to string-like objects. Tie a piece of yarn or string to a stick or wand, and you have an instant interactive toy. You can move it around to mimic prey, encouraging your cat to jump and chase. Remember to always supervise your cat when playing with string toys to prevent any accidents.

4. Crinkly Paper Balls

Make use of old receipts or scrap paper to create crinkly paper balls. Crumple the paper into small balls and let your cat have a blast with them. The noise and texture of the crinkly paper will keep your cat engaged and entertained for hours. Just make sure the balls are big enough that your cat can't swallow them.

5. Sock Catnip Toy

If you have an old sock lying around, you can easily create a catnip toy. Fill the sock with catnip and tie it securely. You can also add some bells or feathers for added interest. This toy will provide your cat with a soft and scented plaything that they won't be able to resist.

6. Feather Wand

Feathers are an instinctive attraction for cats. Attach some feathers to a string or ribbon and tie it to a stick or wand. Wave it in front of your cat, and watch them go wild trying to catch it. The feathers mimic the movement of birds, triggering your cat's prey drive and providing them with a stimulating playtime experience.

7. Paper Bag Hideout

A simple paper bag can be transformed into a cozy hideout for your cat. Cut a small hole in the bag to create an entrance and crumple some paper inside to make it comfortable. Place the bag in a quiet corner and watch as your cat explores and curls up inside their new hiding spot. It's an inexpensive and fun way to provide your cat with a sense of security and privacy.

8. Ping Pong Ball Track

Turn a shallow cardboard box or a plastic storage container into a ping pong ball track. Cut holes in the lid and place ping pong balls inside. Your cat will enjoy batting at the balls and trying to catch them as they roll around. This toy provides mental stimulation and satisfies your cat's hunting instincts.

9. T-shirt Scraps

Old t-shirts can be repurposed into interactive toys for your cat. Cut the t-shirt into strips and braid them together to create a fabric rope. Tie a knot at both ends and let your cat enjoy playing and wrestling with it. The texture of the fabric will entice your cat, and they can also use it for scratching.

10. Treat Dispenser Puzzle

Transform a plastic bottle into a treat dispenser puzzle for your cat. Cut small holes in the sides of the bottle, big enough for treats to fall out. Fill the bottle with your cat's favorite treats and watch as they try to figure out how to retrieve them. This toy provides mental stimulation and rewards your cat's problem-solving skills.

11. Puzzle Box

Create a puzzle box for your cat using an empty shoebox or any similar-sized container. Cut holes of various sizes in the box and place small toys or treats inside. Your cat will have to figure out how to reach inside the holes to retrieve the hidden treasures. This interactive toy encourages your cat's curiosity and keeps them entertained for hours.

12. Sisal Rope Scratching Post

If you have a spare wooden post or a sturdy branch, you can create a homemade scratching post using sisal rope. Wrap the rope tightly around the post, securing it with glue or nails. Cats love the texture of sisal rope and will enjoy scratching on it. Place the scratching post in an area where your cat likes to stretch and scratch, and they'll be less likely to use your furniture as a scratching surface.


Creating your own cat toys with household items is not only fun but also a great way to bond with your feline companion. These DIY toys are cost-effective, customizable, and will keep your cat entertained for hours. Just remember to prioritize your cat's safety and supervise playtime. Get creative, and see which toys your cat enjoys the most. Have fun!

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